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Friendships, mentors, jobs, and learning opportunities for creatives

What started as a cozy meetup in a Shibuya pub has blossomed into a growing network of UI/UX designers, product designers, developers, marketers, and more.

Creative Tokyo is a hub for creatives to connect with like-minded others and gain resources to further their careers.

Find friends.

Events, workshops, and more

Come hang out at the Tokyo Design Meetup. Hop into our virtual “coworking space” and knock out that prototype. Put your design thinking caps on at our workshops.

Find work.

Job boards and recruiting

Explore creative jobs. Find freelance work. Recruit talented designers. We’ve had companies hire designers through our events, so we’ve decided to make this official.

Find a mentor.

Mentorship program

Creative Tokyo has begun a (beta & limited-capacity) program for new designers who are looking to break into the market. If you’re interested, send us your info here.

Learn from fellow designers. Contribute to the magazine and share your ideas with our bilingual and bicultural community.

Our Story

Creative Tokyo began with the Tokyo Design Meetup. Tokyo Design had its humble beginnings in May 2018 at a Shibuya HUB, capped at 10 people so the store wouldn’t kick us out. We just wanted some designer friends, and there weren’t a lot of active international design groups in Tokyo.

Humble beginnings in May 2018 at a Shibuya HUB, capped at 10 people so the store wouldn’t kick us out.

Today, it’s a large group that regularly holds events just to hang out and meet other designers. Occasionally, we’ll do larger-scale workshops, check out a design exhibit, or grab dinner together.

Creative Tokyo is a natural extension of our popular meetup. We love this community so much that we wanted to do more for it.

We’ve met many friends here, and we hope you do too!

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