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Tips to convey your ideas effectively, using business pitch slides.


Have you ever had the experience of coming up with a cool idea and when you explained it to your friends or colleagues, they didn’t really understand it or weren’t that excited about it? It might’ve been because the idea wasn’t as brilliant as you thought or that your pitch wasn’t very effective. 

In business when presenting a pitch to your clients and potential customers, it is crucial that you explain your ideas and products effectively and clearly. Here are some tips to succeed in a business pitch, using presentation slides.

1. Show it. Don’t explain it

Use engaging visuals rather than the old boring bullet points.

In your slides, abandon the heavy use of text and employ more visuals that convey what you are trying to say more intuitively and effectively. Visual aids are generally recognized much easier and faster than text. Some studies even prove that visuals are consumed 60,000 times faster than text, and it also takes twice as long as to process and recognize words.

2. Tell a real story

Give the audience a real story they can relate to.

However brilliant your business ideas are, they won’t catch the audience’s attention unless they can imagine a real situation where these ideas solve the problems which they are facing. Opening your pitch with a real customer story addressing a problem your idea solves. This is a great way to get a connection with your audience. Avoid using too much jargon, terminologies, and buzzwords. Use real names and real customer challenges, instead. Also, including visual aids like animations or demo videos helps the audience imagine a real story in their mind while listening to the pitch.

3. Keep it simple and short

Avoid boring the audience with a long presentation.

It’s hard to keep focus on a speech or presentation when it’s too long. The average adults’ attention span is about 20 minutes, meaning you’ll start to lose the crowd with anything longer than that. In the most common format, teams are typically given 5 to 10 minutes to give their pitch. If you try to explain everything in detail within this time period, you’ll most likely go over time. Your pitch becomes less effective as the audience’s focus begins to fade. It’s also recommended to keep your pitch at around 10 to 15 slides long. Remember, the visuals in your slides can help you effectively convey your ideas.

4. Use numbers effectively

Don’t just list tons of numbers, use them in an effective way.

Showing data based on real research you’ve conducted can help persuade the audience. Just like visual aids, numbers are more intuitively consumed than words and function as a good scale to measure important things such as market sizes and potential revenues. Be careful though, listing a lot of random numbers can be overwhelming and confusing. Emphasize only the numbers you really think are crucial and want the audience to pay attention to. There are a variety of ways to do it. Some methods include using different sizes and styles, animating some numbers, and adding visuals around the important data points.

Through this article, I’ve emphasized the importance and the power of visuals. Wondering where you can find amazing visual aids? Check out Graphic Resources For Everyone on our website!