Becoming a Business Savvy Designer

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Many experienced designers have recently started advocating for designers to learn business. Equipped with business knowledge, designers can make better decisions that benefit users and businesses. Whether you are a freelancer, employee, or starting a design company, this webinar is for you!

During this webinar, we will guide you through business basics for designers. Understanding the business essentials will make you feel more confident in having business-focused conversations in your company or when presenting to clients. You will be able to support design ideas with business metrics.


  • How to speak the language of business
  • How to support decisions with data
  • Define the business value of design and metrics

About the Instructor

Kavita Appachu, Principal, Moves The Needle | Board Member UX Speakeasy

Kavita Appachu (@kappachu) is a product + user experience leader and growth leadership coach who works with organizations to elevate the practice of customer-centric collaboration to drive transformation. As a Principal at Moves The Needle, she consults with organizations of all sizes to address growth challenges by building internal capability and new leadership skills to transform company culture toward continuous innovation. She has helped unlock the entrepreneurial spirit of teams and leaders at organizations including Intuit, Cox Automotive Media, AARP, Roche, and Procter & Gamble by coaching them to embrace change, understand the importance of risk-taking, and create solutions that create value for the business and customers. She also co-hosts the podcast SHIFT, interviewing leaders that are making an impact on the front lines of transformation so that others can be inspired to do the same.

She is committed to addressing the gender gap in organizations, focusing on the broken rung — the first step up for women to become people leaders — by facilitating open conversations to surface implicit biases.