Build Apps with No Code: Bravo Studio Beginner Masterclass

Build Apps with No Code_ Bravo Studio Beginner Masterclass banner photo

Learn to make an app without code with us! Bravo Studio is an app-building platform that turns your designs into native mobile apps. Design freedom with no code. In this video, Fergie (UX/UI designer & Adobe XD ambassador) will be building a simple App for Beginner Bravo Users using Adobe XD.


🐰About our speaker

​By day Fergie is a Lead Experience Designer at ThoughtWorks, building compelling digital offerings, bringing visions to life by building rich, accessible products. She can also be found on social media sharing design knowledge, mentoring junior designers, or live-streaming her design process whilst working on a project. With a background in graphic and digital design, Fergie has been in UX for over 11 years across too many industries to mention. Fergie’s mission is to support junior designers and demystify the UX world.

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