Celebrating Asian/Pacific Islanders in Design

Celebrating AsianPacific Islanders in Design

Join Design Buddies and ADPList mentors as they share their experiences, stories, and the positive impacts they bring to the design community and industry!


​​​🐰 😍 About our Speakers

​🇺🇸 Fiona Tran – Graphic Designer at Discord

​Fiona (she/her) is a self taught graphic designer from the CA Bay Area. She’s been working as a (capital “D”) Designer for roughly 4 years. (But what does that even mean? Let’s find out together!) She was previously at PlayStation, and currently works at Discord. She loves to talk to new grads since it wasn’t too long ago that she was one herself. She wants to give back to BIPOC and other marginalized communities to break down the gatekeeping that goes on around design.

​Aside from making fun things and crafts, Fiona is also passionate about event planning, social justice, and representation in media, and is constantly looking for ways to combine her interests.


🇨🇦 Guramrit Singh – Senior Strategy Manager, Product & Design at Telus Digital.

​Guramrit is the Senior Strategy Manager for both product and design at TELUS digital for its Home Solutions portfolio. Having worked as a UX Designer for many different platforms such as Salesforce integrations, Mobile apps (iOS & Android), and even voice AI on Google Assistant, Guramrit has always aimed to provide a best in class experience for all channels and touchpoints in the customer’s journey. Prior to TELUS, Guramrit was the UX Architect for Best Buy and also has experience leading branding and UX design for a local startup.


🇨🇦 Jarell Alvarez – Product Designer at Copperleaf, Community Founder at Vancouver Design Check In

​Whether it’s reading adult fantasy novels, creating homemade sourdough, feeling creative to kick food cravings, planning out community events and hangouts or researching the best board game to present to my group next, Jarell crafts a unique life for someone who wants to give back to people and try to do the most everyday.

​Jarell is a huge advocate for storytelling and any medium that will exemplify that.


​🇺🇸 Ying Yao – Senior UX Designer at Honeywell

​Ying (she/her) is a UX & Product Designer with over 5 years of experience working in brand agencies and enterprise organizations. She’s currently at Honeywell building security software for a post-Covid world.

​In her off-hours, she’s the co-organizer of Ladies that UX Atlanta, an inclusive design community for women, femme, and non-binary creatives, and also an authentic speaker, and has given dynamic talks on her personal career journey as well as design team culture and diversity for BuzzFeed, Interaction Design Association, and Students of UXD.


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We hope to see you all here, Buddies and Amazing Designers!

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