Code of Conduct

As a tight-knit community that encourages collaboration, fairness, inspiration, connection, and greatness, we want to provide an exceptional experience for all participants. To do so, we created this Code of Conduct that must be followed at all times. Whether it is through our online platform or at our in-person events, these rules always apply. Together, we can make the Creative Tokyo community thrive like no other.

Our goals are…

  • to focus on the whole creative community
  • to foster real, meaningful connections
  • to open opportunities for collaboration

What We Mean by ‘Connecting Creatives’

We provide networking and collaborating opportunities to our creative community. We understand how difficult it can be to build new and long-lasting relationships without social circles after education. Whether you need a peer, mentor, or partner, we can help you make that connection. You can also recruit or get hired! You will be exposed to several job and project opportunities that may interest you in your creative career.

A Safe, Fair Environment

No forms of harassment, bullying, inappropriate discrimination, or public humiliation are permitted.

Harassment of any kind, including verbal comments about gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, weight, ethnicity, or religion is not tolerated. Sustained disturbance at lectures or events is considered harassment. Participants must comply with all requests to end harassing behavior immediately. All participants, including organizers, must ensure that there is no sexualized environment. Organizers may take whatever actions they consider appropriate, such as warning or expulsion of the participant, for harassing behavior.

Be kind to others, please. Professionalism and respect are important in maintaining a healthy, uplifting community.

Counting on One Another

Many people in this community give their time and effort to help each other. Recognize the kindness of others and be sure to thank them for their time. In return, try to do the same for others when possible. As creators, we want to lift each other up in any way possible (good karma exists!). Listen and learn from others, and be sure to contribute your own ideas and expertise back into the community.

Thanks for following the Code of Conduct!