Crazy Stories from the Trenches

Crazy Stories from the Trenches

Join Design Buddies and ADPList mentors Natashia and Federico in a fun evening of storytimes from their experience as design leaders. You may come and share your crazy stories with the community, too!

​This event will take place on Discord Stages in the Design Buddies Discord community. You may find the channel here:


🐰 😍 About our Speakers

Natashia Tjandra is a Senior Manager of Product Design with broad experience at the intersection of design, data, technology, and marketing. Her career has led her through different disciplines in design: designing fonts and typefaces, creating 360 ad campaigns for prestigious global brands, co-running her own design consultancy, and leading design teams in the #1 global consulting management company. Currently at EA, she’s humanizing technology and the workplace while building cross-functional design teams and developing sustainable processes. Her passion has brought her to design mentorship, she volunteers her time with ADPList and Design Buddies, and leadership in diversity and inclusion. In her spare time, Natashia shares truths and positivity in beautifully designed three words.


​Dropping positivity and truths in 3 words:

​✈️ Diary:

Federico Francioni is born and raised in Tuscany, and completed his telecommunications engineering studies in Finland and started my professional journey in Milan. He is a digital strategist with more than 12 years of cross-industry management consulting experience. He is exceptionally grateful for the last seven, spent in the inspiring Silicon Valley where I currently live.

​His expertise is the combination of a technical education enhanced by passionate knowledge of strategy & operations, user experience, design thinking and emerging technologies. He believes collaboration with diverse mindsets and perspectives is the best way to craft innovative & tangible experiences for all kinds of users.

​He loves to get his hands dirty and experiment with new tools and canvases, through continuous iterations. He is passionate about inclusive design and workplace experience, leveraging blogging and podcasting as an outlet to share his thoughts with digital practitioners, creative thinkers and design enthusiasts.

​When Federico steps away from his computer, you can find him on a sand court playing beach volleyball, my “well-being addiction” for the last 23 years.

​His specialties are: – Digital Strategy – Enterprise Collaboration / Employee Engagement – Future Vision & Innovation Design – User Experience

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​Clubhouse: @fedino82



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