Creating Inclusive Culture in Design

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So many professionals are looking for flexibility, and inclusivity from their workplace. There is no silver bullet answer. Communities of practice will help us quickly learn from each other and influence cultural and organizational change. When creating change women are, as a group, familiar with the stigma that can follow flexibility and inclusivity. Women are aware that for many of us it drives a decision to exit the workplace  and in correlation women are mostly likely to lead teams that avoid bias and index on collaboration.

​The panel will share stories, tactics, and learnings to create autonomy, end flexibility bias and increase inclusivity.  As we “go back to normal”, women and allies have the ability to drive change. Sharing what we have learned and what has been successful is where we can start.

​Our panelists will share what’s worked including cases presented to leadership, efforts using traditional paths (e.g. HR), and those that forged a new path – grassroots efforts to serve as a catalyst for change.

​Join this panel to learn from women and an ally who’s defined inclusive cultures in their organizations as a designer in Tech, and learn how we, women and allies, can be co-conspirators.

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