Crossing the Border

Crossing the Border banner photo

Marlon Griffith, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, moved to Japan in 2010 and since then has been presenting his performance and installation work at the Tate Modern and other venues around the world, while continuing to study Japanese paper and calligraphy. In the midst of the postponement of many art festivals due to COVID-19, he has spent about two years creating experimental work on a paper based on events he has experienced in his homeland of Central America and Japan. In this exhibition, she will present 55 new ink drawings that he has been carefully working on one by one.

After moving to Amsterdam at the age of 19, Eiko Ishizawa studied applied arts and crafts at the Feld University of Art and Design, and then went on to study at the Sandberg Graduate School. She has continued to work mainly in Europe. This exhibition will show for the first time in Japan “Great Sleeping Bear,” a work created in 2008 that drew a great deal of attention around the world, and a print work created in Greece. By showing this work in Japan, where the living environment is different and the stance on animals and bears is different, boundaries will be explored.

Rich & Miyu, a unit of Richard from London and Miyu from Japan, creates experimental interactive art using the latest technology and is currently based in Tokyo, working on major projects around the world.
In this exhibition, they will present new work using LEDs, challenging to cross the boundary between art and interactivity.

Originally from Virginia, USA, artist kt moved to Japan in 2018 after graduating from Virginia Tech. In this exhibition, he will show new self-portraits from his representative work “Game”, which was created by blurring the boundary between reality and the game world.