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Christopher T.

Driving visualization through digital transformation.

Technical 3D visualization, Motion Graphic, Graphic Design, Technical Illustrations, Content Development

Native English, Filipino

More than 10 years in experience for Motion Graphic/Animation, creating or mimicking animation or motion which are used in supporting films, websites, and social media platforms. Collaborate with global graphic designers, UX, and editors to develop effective graphics and animations for entire packages. Responsible for developing 2D and 3D images using video and photography equipment, assisting in selecting graphic design elements, create storyboards, and providing solutions for technical problems for the customer/clients. Strong foundation of typography and graphic designs for marketing collateral, branding, corporate logos, cover book design, and layouts. Strong knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. Proficient in After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Audition, Maxon Cinema 4d Studio expert, 3d modeling, 3d texturing, and Matte painting compositions. Currently working for new projects in 3d product animation development that can support technical videos and product marketing. Timely delivery of assigned projects with the highest quality, in most cost-effective ways. Exhibited a strong sense of urgency/initiative to prevent & solve problems and complete work. Also established processes and tools for efficiency, quality, and cost reduction. Achieving organizational capability identifies team areas for growth, specific for the project assignment, document areas for improvement, and uses those as inputs for the desired projects. Driven video production post-mortem meetings, gather feedback, and identify areas for improvements. For global collaboration, with all appropriate stakeholders worldwide can work together, leverage each other's strengths, represent each other's positions, hold each other accountable, and present a unified position as customer advocates.