Deep Dive Edition #7: Self-Care Check-In

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Topic: Self-Care Check-In

Considering it feels like Blursday the 35th of Monthtober of the pandemic, let’s check-in and see how we’re really doing. Coach Cami and her guest, Sonya Reece, will explore mental health, where we are now, the resources we might need, and talk about where we plan on heading in the future. Bring your whole self and your questions; all are welcome. Join us for a deep dive conversation.



The video recording will be available on YouTube, and the audio recording will also be released as part of Cami’s podcast, Deep Dive: Coaching for Creatives.

Allow yourself to be fully present for the next hour, so turn off any distractions and give to

yourself the gift of your undivided attention. Your questions and comments are welcome in the chat. Remember, you’ll get out of this hour what you put into it.


Guest Host

Michelle Xia, Senior Product Designer, American Express

With a strong passion for visual design, emerging technology, and collaboration, Michelle fell in love with software product development. She loves working with creative people to explore how we can use technology to improve our world today and create a better tomorrow.


Our Speakers

🇺🇸 Cami Travis-Groves — Recovering Graphic Designer and Transformational Coach

As a recovering graphic designer, Cami has had 30 years of design experience and has worked with all types of organizations: from academia to agencies, from startups to international non-profit corporations. As an expert of inner work, Cami is now a transformational coach specifically for creatives, an international speaker, and an author based in the Kansas City area, right in the middle of the U.S. She’s probably best known for her good juju and spreading it wherever she goes.

Fun Facts: Thanks to her retired mother and, Cami now has 65,099 people in her family tree. You might all be distant cousins… somehow.

🇺🇸 Sonya Reece — Professional Coach & Senior Graphic Designer at NTT DATA Services

Sonya is a senior graphic designer, turned project manager with 20+ years as a creative, working for a major technology corporation. She’s also a certified professional coach with many years in self-development education, leadership training, and accountability coaching. As a magic manifest queen & dream activator, she coaches creatives on how to clear mental clutter & turn their DREAMS into PLANS, one fun project at a time.

Fun fact: For many years, she performed with a semi-pro salsa dance group.

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