Design Touch 2021

Design Touch 2021 banner photo

Maybe design holds some clues about the seemingly insurmountable problems we must all still face. There might be more clues in the designers’ thoughts and processes than in the finished products or services they ultimately create.

Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2021 will present a variety of attractions along with insights into the designers’ perspectives—“Behind the Scenes of Design” as the keywords.

This year, there is an unnamed installation on the grass square behind Tokyo Midtown from Architecture and Design Office NOIZ.

A set of colorful installations emerges in the Grass Square. The three structures may just appear like a collection of panels randomly gathered, but the viewer may discover that they are not just “random” – the panels are actually carefully calculated to form particular “figures” if you carefully look around. Be it concrete or abstract, nothing in this world can be fully encapsulated by a single meaning or name. The more we observe, the more meaning and interpretation emerge. Anyone can be a giver of name and meaning of any object, and you can experience it through this installation.