Designing At Early Stage Startups

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Have you ever wondered how designing at early-stage startups is like compared to large companies? In this wholesome fireside chat, Hanna, Brian, and Minjun will be sharing their experiences, challenges faced, lessons learned, actionable tips, and more. You may submit your questions for our speakers via Luma.


​🐰About our speakers

​​Hanna Xu – Senior Product Designer

​​Hanna is a senior product designer currently working at a large tech company. Previously, she’s worked at a number of early-stage startups. She led design at Gfycat, a GIF company popular on Reddit. She co-founded and design her own iOS and Android messaging application which was featured on Techcrunch and one of Apple’s “Best New Apps.”

​Brian Lin – Director of Product Design,

​​​Brian has been practicing design for over 20 years and is currently Director of Product Design at Lunchbox where he guides, scales, and operationalizes product design teams across the org. Prior to Lunchbox, he’s led work for some of the biggest brands in the world (Nike, BMW, Cadbury, Nikon, Disney, and more) before shifting to startups in gaming, finance, health, and culture tech.

​Minjun Chen – Ex-UX Designer, Amazon

​​Minjun is a UX designer at Amazon, working on the Global Prime Experiences team. Prior to Amazon, Minjun was a product designer at Wayfair, building tools to help warehouse employees do their job safely and efficiently. She is passionate about helping young and aspiring designers to grow and land their dream jobs, particularly designers who identify as women of color. Minjun is currently living in Seattle with her cat, and she cannot live without 3 cups of coffee every day.

​Host: Grace Ling – Designer, Electronic Arts, and Founder, Design Buddies

​​Grace is a designer, community builder, artist, runner, speaker, and content creator. By day, she is a Designer at Electronic Arts. By night, she is the Founder & Design Lead of the Design Buddies community. Outside of design and community building, Grace creates content for social media and her blog to help students, designers, and community builders with a total following of 40K+. In the past, she designed and developed virtual reality games to train surgeons and to make education fun. She also studied bioengineering and computer science engineering in college before making her way into design.


​​​🐰 About Design Buddies

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