Digital Ukiyo-e Exhibition

Digital Ukiyo-e Exhibition banner photo

The passion and imagination of the Edo Period artists are captured in the ukiyo-e woodblock prints and paintings and on the gold-gilt byobu folding screens and fusuma sliding doors of the era. Their stunning and marvelous dynamism is set free to the present day by digital technology in a captivating audio-visual presentation projected on a massive screen.

Ukiyo-e masterpieces will be projected on screens that are up to 45m wide so you can see the details up close on a larger scale. Though the artworks are digitized, authentic elements like the lines across a folding gold panel painting and even the fibrous threads of the washi paper will be visible in the projections.

Aside from Hokusai, other artists to look out for are Hiroshige, Sotatsu, Korin, and Jakuchu, who all helped define the ukiyo-e movement between the 17th and 19th centuries. A total of 40 works will be exhibited with highlights including Hiroshige’s ‘The Fifty Three Stations of Tokaido’ and Jakuchu’s ‘Roosters and Cactus’.