Discord Stages – Product & Design Collaboration Story

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We’re excited to be teaming up with Discord to bring you Discord Stages – Product & Design Collaboration Story. Discord also launched a new stage discovery feature!

​Join us for a fireside chat with Rick Ling (Product Manager) and Shawn Park (Staff Product Designer) on how they created Discord Stages. Learn about how they went from idea to product, what challenges they overcame, their future plans, and more. You may also submit your questions for Rick and Shawn via Luma to be asked live as well.

​​ Event Location

​This event will be taking place on Discord Stages in the Design Buddies Discord community.

🐰 About Rick

​Rick Ling is the Product Lead on Creator Ecosystems at Discord, focused on helping creators who build awesome stuff on the platform. Rick is the previous CEO and co-founder at Blitz, an esports startup that build apps and produces content to help players get better at competitive video games.

​Connect with Rick on Twitter!

​​🐰 About Shawn

​Shawn Park is a Staff Product Designer at Discord, leading design for communities team with Rick, and messaging team improving the text chat experience. He studied computer science in UC Berkeley where he met Rick, who Shawn later worked on a startup Blitz with, which eventually got acquired by Discord.

​In his spare time, he loves collecting and brewing all kinds of tea, plays a ton of games (ahem, including spending money on mobile gacha games), and claims to be a “half-doctor.”

​Connect with Shawn on Twitter and check out his portfolio!

​​​🐰 About Design Buddies

​​​Design Buddies is an inclusive design community aimed to connect and empower designers by providing free resources, events, mentorship, and more.

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​​​See you there, Every Bunny!

Visit the event page here: https://lu.ma/discord-stages