Drawtober: Discord Art Team AMA

Drawtober_ Discord Art Team AMA banner photo

We’re mid-way through Drawtober! Join us in a fun ask me anything session with Discord’s Art Team! Learn about their journies as artists, their favorite projects, and more. You may also submit questions for them on Luma!

​🎃 About Drawtober

​Drawtober is a fun, 4-week-long art challenge with the Design Buddies community and the Discord Design Team. Each week will be its own mini-contest with a theme hosted in the Design Buddies Discord. All art mediums are welcome and we’re excited to see your artwork!

​🐰 About our speakers

​Coming soon


​​​🐰 About Design Buddies

​​​​​​Design Buddies is an inclusive design community aimed to connect and empower designers by providing free resources, events, mentorship, and more.