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A Night of Thrills and Fun with Fujiwara Lion

Jul 17 - JST

Ryan McAvoy, the director of "The People Left Behind," which depicts the current situation of single families, won awards at various film festivals in the documentary category, and serves as a message on social issues. 

That director was actually a professional wrestler!
Ring name: Check out Fujiwara Lion on Wiki

On Wednesday at 6:30pm, July the 17th, at the world famous Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, he is making his long-awaited comeback to the wrestling ring after a challenging 15-month journey recovering from an ACL knee reconstruction operation. In the time spent away from the ring, he had been active in the community spreading awareness about the issues raised in the documentary.

To celebrate his return and to support single parents and their children, he have teamed up with NPO YouMeWe and Heart Full Family to invite a total of 50 orphans and single parents/their children to watch this show for free. This event is not only a showcase of athleticism and entertainment but also a testament to resilience and the power of community support.

He needs to raise 150,000 yen to cover the costs of the tickets, which will go directly to Asuka Pro Wrestling as a small portion of their cost of hiring the hall to put on the show. 

To find out more about how to donate, or how to come along and watch, simply go to this link: 

What do you get in return?
1. Helping a child to have a really fun night!
2. Promotion on social media for your company (if donating as a company)
3. Ringside photo before the match
4. A fun night of entertainment! Great chance for team building for company employees!