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Canon Photo Club Kanagawa NiceShot 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Aug 9 - Sep 19

Artists: Sayoko Iijima, Kenichi Uchiyama, Katsuhiro Onoda, Izumi Kishi, Hiromichi Gomi, Junko Sugitani, Eisaku Sugimoto et al.

This exhibition commemorates the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Canon Photo Club Kanagawa NiceShot and showcases the works of its members.

Canon Photo Club is a self-organized community of members of Canon Photo Circle, a members-only photography club, who gather in each region of Japan to hold photo exhibitions and photo sessions. Canon Photo Club Kanagawa NiceShot was established in July 2013, based in Musashikosugi, Kawasaki City, and aims to improve photography skills under the guidance of club advisor, photographer Kyoko Sugimoto.

This exhibition will feature a total of 40 works, including two selections by each of the 19 members from a variety of genres, including landscapes and portraits, taken over the past year, as well as two works by Sugimoto. Under the mottos of "Photography is Shashin" and "Energize with Photography," each member's unique personality can be felt in the works photographed in various regions of Japan.

The works, which represent the culmination of the past year, will be exhibited in A2 size for the first time as a club.

Opening Hours

10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Sunday, Holidays
Closed from August 13 to 20.




Open Gallery 1&2
Location 2F Canon S Tower, 2-16-6 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8011


8 minute walk from the Konan exit of JR Shinagawa Station.