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Gentle Vinyasa in Yoyogi Park

Apr 27 @ 09:30 - 10:30 JST

Hello and welcome!

Whether you are new to yoga or you've been practicing for a while, you are at the right place!
Each Saturday, I will teach two classes, back to back. You are free to join both if you'd like or choose the only that inspires you the most.

Please note that classes are in English but everyone is of course welcome, I will do my best to explain and demonstrate the class as we go.

9:30am - Gentle Vinyasa Flow (60min)
10:45am - Yoga Sculpt (60min)

Both classes are open to any level as I will offer variations from beginners to advanced. If you've never done yoga before, I would recommend the Gentle Vinyasa to start but if you are up for a little challenge I'd love to guide you through the Yoga Sculpt.

Both classes are compatible with one another meaning we won't be repeating movements or flows and one definitely helps the other!

Both classes have a similar structure :
10min mediation and pranayama before the flow
30min of flow
10min of floor postures
5min Shavasana + small guided meditation
5min to gently come back and take a breath together

-Gentle Vinyasa Flow
Is perfect to awaken the body and gently introduce movements. We will focus on twists and detoxifying postures as well as hips and heart openings to release emotions and welcome positive energies.
Any level is welcome.

1 class - 1500yen (cash only)
2 classes - 2000yen (cash only)
For 10 classes pack, please contact me via email

Please come at least 15min earlier to set up your map and not miss the beginning of the class.
Payments must be made before class by cash.
Please bring a mat, a towel and a water bottle with you.
Wearing a mask is optional.

If you want to join for both classes, please make sure to rsvp on both events on meetup. Spots are limited to 10 persons per class.
If you cancel 24hrs or less before the class start, you will be restricted to book classes again. Please, be mindful to others as spots are linited.

If you have any question, please contact me via email

About me:
My name is Lou, I have a 200hrs YTT and 100hrs Mediation Training I completed four years ago in India. I teach yoga anywhere I go: Paris, NYC, LA, Bali, Kyoto, Tokyo... I love travelling and connecting with new people!