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Lightning Talks: Spooky Edition 🎃

Oct 25 @ 19:00 - 21:00 JST

Creative Tokyo is partnering with Le Wagon to bring you a night of fun and (friendly) ghost stories from the business world. More about costumes below 👇

Unwrap stories of product development adventures that took unexpected turns, investment sagas with twists you didn't see coming, and teamwork tales that took some detours.

Whispers around town suggest a special ghostly guest might breeze through. (He's more into networking than haunting, so you're safe!) 👻

Ready for a delightful mix of business, banter, and a bit of boo? Let’s make it a night to remember!

📝 Agenda

6:45 - Doors open
7:00 - Intro
7:10 - Lightning talk #1
7:30 - Lightning talk #2
7:50 - Lightning talk #3
8:10 - Lightning talk #4
8:30 - Outro
8:35 - Casual mixer
9:00 - Closing

🌟 Our speakers

Grygjeanne Grace Icay
A Nightmare on Contract Street

Krizza Bullecer
Accidentally Testing in Prod

Emory Takagi
The Horror of Looking Back, My Junior Portfolio

Maurizio Raffone
Ghosts in the Trading Machines: Surviving the Supernatural Mayhem

🍻 Huge thanks to Le Wagon for the space, drinks, and snacks!

👻 About costumes

This is a Halloween event, so you're welcome to wear a costume! Read the guidelines & etiquette thoroughly:

- Zero tolerance for nudity

- Appropriate footwear is required

- Act responsibly with your costume props

- Always ask permission before taking a photograph of another person

- Costumes that have the sole purpose of offending and disrespecting other individuals, cultures, or religions in any way, will not be tolerated.

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