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Mercari Design Talk #3 : Work process of Mercari designers in Japan

Dec 7 @ 19:00 - 20:00 JST

📌 What is Mercari Design talk

Join us for the third round of Mercari Design Talk!

Our first two rounds gave an introduction to Mercari’s Design Team as well as insight on how our different functions within UX collaborate with each other. This time, we will expand on this and discuss how UX collaborates with its product and engineering peers.

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3回目のMercari Design Talk、ぜひご参加ください。


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📌 About Mercari’s UX design team

Our team covers all areas of designs for customer experience, from UI/UX design within the app, new service design and communication design for marketing to asset design for branding.


📌 How to Sign Up

If you would like to attend the event, please register via this google formPlease note that you must signup via the Google Form to ensure that the Zoom invite will be sent to your email.
Limit: 300 people

*Application deadline: 23:59 Mon, Dec 4, 2023
*Please understand we might not be able to invite all if the number of applicants reaches the limit.

イベントの視聴をご希望の方は、google form ã«ã¦ç”³ã—込みしてください。なお、Zoomの招待メールを確実にお送りするためには、Googleフォームからご登録いただく必要があります。

※申込み締切: 2023/12/04(月)23:59 まで

📌 How to Join

The event will be held online.

The Zoom URL for the day and detailed participation instructions will be sent in advance to the e-mail address you provide.


お申し込み頂いたメールアドレス宛に事前に当日のZoom URLと詳細な参加方法をご案内します。

📌 Event Schedule

19:00 ~ 19:10: Openings

19:10 ~ 19:20: Collaborating with product and engineering. Managing Japanese language in Mercari

19:20 ~ 19:30: Design Review

19:30 ~ 19:40: Relocating to Japan

19:40 ~ 20:00: Q&A session

20:00 ~ 20:10: Closing and Hiring Positions @Mercari


Mercari UX Design Team Manager, Asako Miyamoto

She joined Mercari, Inc. in 2021. Asako promotes design operations (DesignOps) to maximize the contributions of design teams to the company while also being involved in product development as a UX designer.


Mercari UX Design Team UX Lead, Shoko Morishita

Joined Mercari, Inc. in 2018. While working on product improvement, she promotes design reviews and develops guidelines to improve the quality of output and productivity as a team.


Mercari UX Design Team Manager, Masakazu Iwabu

Joined Mercari, Inc. in 2022. Explores how to connect customer experience with business growth while working on product development through customer experience perspectives.


Mercari UX Design Team, Alisa Salikova

Joined Mercari, Inc. in 2022. Intends to provide design and logic behind her work while working on product development to improve customer experience and business growth.


We're looking forward to seeing you at our event soon!