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ONLINE Workshop 🌟 Working with Geospatial Data

Apr 24 @ 19:00 - 20:30 JST

Geospatial Data is fascinating and gives us so much insight into the world around us! Luckily, geospatial data is everywhere, and is easy to understand and work with. We are going to discover some great sources of Japanese geo data.

Suitable for both beginners making their first steps into working with real-life data, and for seasoned data scientists, who can learn some of the particularities of working with Japanese geo data.

- Characteristics and formats of geospatial data
- Sources of geospatial data in Japan
- Reading, manipulating and visualizing geo data
- The Geopandas Python package - common operations
- Conclusion: Use of geospatial data. Examples of use in AI for Good projects.

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Galina Naydenova
Galina is a freelance Machine Learning Engineer from Tokyo. She is also the Lead of the Japan Chapter of Omdena - the world-leading community for AI for Good, where collaborators propose solutions to local problems with the help of technology and AI.