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Online Workshop: Write Your First Ruby Program in 2 Hours

Jun 14 @ 17:30 - 19:30 JST

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During this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of ruby and the basics of any programming language you may learn in the future.

## About this event

What you will learn in this workshop:
✨ Discover concepts like what is a variable, a method, types and conditions.
✨ Core concepts of Ruby that can be transferred into any programming language
✨ The basics of a back-end language and your first step to entering the world of web development.

About this workshop:
This online workshop will start with a 1-hour lecture to introduce the core concepts. You will then be onboarded on Le Wagon's e-learning platform and access the slides, a sum-up of key notions as well as exercises to keep practicing after the webinar.

This workshop is brought to you by the #1 rated coding Bootcamp worldwide: Le Wagon emerged in 2014 as one of the first tech bootcamps in France, offering web development and data science programs.

Now, it has grown to a robust global community of tech talents with 45 Le Wagon campuses in Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon, London, Melbourne, Mexico, Montreal, Singapore, São Paulo, Paris, Tel Aviv, and other cities worldwide.With this expansion, Le Wagon has helped over 13,500 developers, data scientists, designers, and entrepreneurs start their new careers in tech.

Eight years on, the school continues to inspire tech aspirants to find their path in the industry.

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