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Startup Lady x Google for Startups Japan: Story Night

Dec 13 @ 19:00 - 21:30 JST

Introducing Startup Lady's 2023 Story Night!

Combining Google for Startups Japan’s experience with running accelerators, supporting a global network of leading tech hubs and diversity-focused organizations in the world's fastest growing markets, and our dedication to empowering our family within the Startup Lady community, we hope to highlight the powerful and emotional narratives of you all: our inspiring role models.

With support from Google for Startups Japan we will be bringing to you our 2nd Story Night! The program will begin with a storytelling workshop in which entrepreneurs will learn how to tell the story of themselves and their businesses in an impactful way leading to story night where we will hear what they’ve prepared and discovered!

Find more details here about Story Night:

We are looking for speakers to share stories of your journey from failures to successes and your experiences to guide the way for future women entrepreneurs. Ideally storytellers should be women and/or LGBTQ entrepreneurs who have already started a business (completed MVP & first sales). Male entrepreneurs invited by another female entrepreneur, with a female cofounder, or with a woman oriented product are also welcome.

The deadline to apply as a speaker is Wednesday 1st, Nov 2023.

Sign up here:

Together, with Google for Startups Japan, we hope to create a cyclical community of founders and dreamers that builds up and gives back and we hope you take the leap to become a part of it; we would be nothing without all of you who support us and make us stronger. So we ask that you join us so together we can realize a world where we help one another and ensure that nobody is left behind.

Please forward and share this opportunity with anyone who would be interested. Thank you, and we hope to see you at Story Night!


Startup Lady reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at Story Night without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. Startup Lady may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by Startup Lady including but not limited to: newspapers, magazines, presentations, websites, etc.