Events / talks

Tech Culture & Japan Quality Night

Apr 9 @ 18:00 - 20:00 JST

Join us for an enlightening evening at "Tech Culture and Japan Quality Night" where we dive deep into the heart of Japan's renowned tech and product quality culture. This event brings together a diverse panel of esteemed local and international speakers, each bringing their perspectives and insights into the distinctive approaches that Japan has cultivated in the tech and product development sectors.

Snehal Shinde, the Engineering Director for Mercari, will talk about Navigating Success in Japan's Career Landscape.

Naoki Kojima will bring us to the legendary Japanese quality culture: What We Can Learn Today from the 80's Quality Approach in Japan.

Kaori Rei is a woman with superpowers, which are her curiosity and skill to interview others :) She and her awesome guest Jared Fullwiler will discuss the differences in software development between the US and Japan.