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Wabi House

Mar 16 @ 15:00 - 17:00 JST

WABI HOUSE it’s an event where we simply drink tea. An approachable, simple and respectful setting for you to enjoy drinking tea. Tea culture, gather, socialize, share, taste, unwind, feel, hold real conversations, and deep thoughts. A space for synchronicity, to celebrate imperfections, and notice the ephemeral nature of life. For wabi, simplicity, humility, intuition, spirituality, and creativity. Leaving your weapon, your armour, and your ego behind, and enter through the metaphorical nijiriguchi, the rabbit hole, arriving into the Wabi House tea lounge, a safe and magic space.

Tea lovers, part-time philosophers, time-killers, welcome.
Feel free to bring your own tea utensils if you would like, as well as any interesting tea you would like to share with the group.

WABI HOUSEは、単にお茶を飲むイベントです。親しみやすく、シンプルで尊重された空間で、お茶を楽しむことができます。お茶の文化に触れ、集い、交流し、分かち合い、味わい、くつろぎ、感じ、本音で語り合い、深く考える。シンクロニシティのための空間、不完全さを称え、人生の儚さに気づくための空間。侘び、シンプルさ、謙虚さ、直感、精神性、創造性のために。武器、鎧、エゴを捨て、比喩的なにじり口、ウサギの穴から入り、安全で魔法の空間であるティーラウンジに到着する。



Date: 16th March, 2024 (Sat)
Open: 15:00 / End: 17:00
Venue: Kuroan (Kagurazaka)

お日にち: 3月16日(土)
会場 黒庵(神楽坂)

Early Bird: 2,000 JPY x person (Limited Spaces) - transfer
At the door:2,500 JPY x person (Limited Spaces) - cash only
(Reservation required)

早割:お一人様2,000円(限定容量)- 振り込み
当日:お一人様¥2,500 (限定容量)- 現金のみ

· Free flow of Tea
· Selected Sweets

· お茶のフリーフロー
· 厳選スイーツ

Language: any!
言語: なんでも!