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Watch Grace & Maggie design anything you want on Discord Stages & YouTube live!

​This event is part of a ticketed stages pilot we are teaming up with Discord on. In order to tell us what to design and be entered into a Nitro giveaway, a purchase of a $2.99 ticket is required. We will also be selecting random requests from the YouTube live chat during the event.

All proceeds will go towards our operational costs so we can keep providing all of you with free content for a long time.

​​​🐰 About Grace Ling

​Grace is a designer, community builder, artist, runner, speaker, and content creator (40K+ total followers). She is a Designer at Electronic Arts and the Founder & Design Lead of Design Buddies. Grace is passionate about building inclusive communities. She also has her own art business and tables at art conventions.

​In the past, Grace designed and developed virtual reality games to train surgeons and to make education fun. She is a self-taught designer and recently graduated from studying bioengineering and computer science/engineering in school.

​Connect with Grace on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, check out her portfolio and art on Instagram!

​​​🐰 About Maggie Pena

​Maggie is a User Experience Designer (with research experience) who enjoys building end-to-end digital experiences and help foster design communities. They’re also a mentor and speaker for Design Buddies and ADPList.

​Maggie has experience working with B2B, B2C, web, and mobile products in the Retail/E-Commerce, FinTech, and AgroScience industry. On the side, Maggie likes to experiment with new technologies such as AR and VR, or play around with new tools.

​Connect with Maggie on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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