From Burnout to Career Boom

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Modern-day living is demanding. According to Forbes, burnout is contributing to 50% or more of a company’s turnover rate! As a busy professional, how can you expect to prevent burnout and perform at your best if you don’t know the fundamentals of health and wellness? Identifying the biological, environmental, and psychological factors that define your habits is one of the first steps towards living a high-performance life.

​In this talk, you will learn about the 3 unexpected causes of burnout, how to use uncertainty to your advantage, and the connection between self-awareness and resilience. Our speaker, Liana Burtsava, will offer tools from executive coaching as well as her own story of overcoming burnout running her startup, so you can set yourself up for a life of success – and peace of mind.

🐰About our speaker

​Liana Burtsava is an international executive coach, personal branding expert, and creator of the Executive Presence framework. Her sweet spot is helping business leaders make a bigger impact by creating inspiring authentic personal brands.

In her work, Liana combines insights from her 20-year career as a marketing executive, MBA lecturer, and a coach working with leaders from Silicon Valley to Singapore.

Liana is the founder of Connected MBA, an educational platform that offers programs in executive presence, personal branding, and leadership. She was educated at INSEAD (MBA) and Harvard (Executive Coaching).

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