Getting interactive: Designing Games in Adobe XD

Getting interactive Designing Games in Adobe XD

Nothing beats a games night with your (Design) Buddies, be it a virtual gaming party, or playing cards around a campfire, games can bring us together. In this session we join Designer Advocate Matt Rae as he takes us on a deeper look at some of the ways we can use Adobe XD to design, prototype, and even share out simple games to be played by friends and family.

​From Auto-Animate to Keyboard and Gamepad triggers, Adobe XD unlocks powerful prototyping features we can use to create stunning game experiences from simple card games to digital games. Together we’ll design and prototype some elements of a game with a very special theme. What we’ll learn in this session can easily be transferred to designing and prototyping more robust video games. 
We’ll be there, and we’re hoping that you’ll follow suit and join us too! 


🐰 About Matt

​Matt Rae is a Designer Advocate, and XD Instructor for Adobe, based in Waterloo Canada. Coming from nearly a decade in product design, across travel, autonomous vehicles, EdTech and advertising technology, he’s now focused on equipping designers with resources to design the best experiences using Adobe XD. He has a passion for user experience, and developing the design community.

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