Git and GitHub for Beginners

Git and GitHub for Beginners banner photo

As a Junior Developer, one of the main things you will have to learn is how to work in teams: GitHub is THE tool for programmers to code together! If you’d like to finally know what’s a commit, a push, or a conflict, this workshop is made for you!

🍽 Workshop’s content:
– Install git
– Init a repo
– Do some commits, on master
– Introduce the concept of branches
– Push the code on GitHub (with remotes)
– Talk about team collaboration and Pull Requests
– Bonus: GitHub Pages​

If that sounds like a foreign language at this stage, don’t worry! Our two teachers will be here to help you out and answer all your questions 🙌


Before the webinar, make sure:
– To download Zoom: as the workshop will be live from there
– To seat in a quiet area
– To test your mic and headphones

See you online 🚀
Le Wagon Team