Good Design Award Focused Issue 2015 → 2020 – Good Design: The Current Location

Good Design Award Focused Issue 2015 → 2020 - Good Design_ The current location banner photo

It has been five years since the Good Design Awards launched the “Focus Issues” initiative in 2015.

Focus Issues is an initiative in which the Focus Issues directors present their recommendations on “important areas that design should confront now,” which are identified by taking a bird’s-eye view of the “discovery of issues and possibilities for the next society” through the Good Design Awards judging process, beyond the design field. Since 2015, 36 Focus Issues directors have made proposals from different perspectives every year until 2020.

For this exhibition “issues have been re-edited into 12 themes and will exhibit approximately 100 award-winning designs related to each theme, in both graphic and physical form. The exhibition will provide a bird’s eye view of how design has been discussed and how it has responded to areas that have been deemed “important” over the five years from 2015 to 2020, and confirm the “current state of design.