CLO Virtual Fashion Inc.

CLO Virtual Fashion is committed to innovating the way we communicate fashion through our true-to-life 3D garment simulation technology. Our virtual garment solutions and services connect all teams involved in the digital product lifecycle, enabling more direct collaboration and reduced lead time, whilst maintaining the intricacies of garment design. We envision our garment simulation technology to become not only the tool to create virtual garments, but also the platform to provide valuable data about garments, designs, and trends, by virtualizing every garment on Earth. Our products range from CLO (3D Design Software for apparel designers and brands), Marvelous Designer (3D Design Software for character artists in gaming and animation companies), Benefit by CLO (Virtual Fitting Platform), CLOSET (Communications and Archiving Platform for virtual garments), to Marvelous SDK (Real Time Draping Engine for games) to create a new ecosystem for virtual garments. Through these services and our continuing research and development in 3D and garment design, we are transforming the way we produce and consume garments - both tangible (actual garments from brands) and intangible (virtual garments in games and movies), for ones we wear and what our virtual characters wear.

Working at CLO Virtual Fashion Inc.

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