Dr. Martens

Our now-iconic footwear started when the first air-cushioned sole technology was designed by two German inventors: medical doctor, Dr. Klaus Maertens and engineer Herbert Funck. But while our sole technology may be German, our soul is undeniably British.

British shoe-makers, R Griggs and Co, bought the rights to that air-cushioned sole technology. R Griggs & Co anglicised the name to “Dr. Martens”, designed an outsole and boot for British workers and the 1460 boot was born.

Dr. Martens footwear was designed to look new with its modern air-cushion comfort so R Griggs & Co added the iconic yellow stitch, the grooves, the two tone side sole and the black and yellow heel loop. These new boots were sold to workmen.

But fate intervened. Dr. Martens may have been made for industry but, as it turns out, they were destined for the stage. Subverted early on by subcultures, they paved the way for a new kind of rebellious self-expression. From the punks of 70s London to the grungers of 90s Seattle, Dr. Martens boots have always stood with those who dare to be different. Subcultures may fade out and evolve but our alternative spirit is a constant.

And as for what the future holds?

We have offices in London, Northampton, Paris, Düsseldorf, Portland, across Asia and an ever-expanding global retail portfolio. We have the respect of big-name fashion giants – think Supreme and Yohji Yamamoto – enabling us to engage in exciting partnerships season after season.

We want to mean something to everyone who laces up our boots: from the first-timers to the Docs boots veterans.

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