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As the world population reaches 7.6 billion, the problems brought forth by overpopulation are coming to a head. Meanwhile, economically advanced countries are experiencing declining populations and birth rates, with Japan standing at the forefront of this trend.

Japan’s ancient streetscapes and natural environment have managed to maintain their beauty to the present day by coexisting with their inhabitants. But this ancient coexistence is beginning to fray. The Japanese country side is now dotted with abandoned houses, and without young people to pass them down to, it’s cultural traditions face a crisis of succession.

At the same time as Japan’s population has continued to fall, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan has increased five-fold in the last six years. We here at Eighty Days saw this as an opportunity to harness the power of Japan’s growing number of tourists to make a contribution to Japan’s regional revitalization efforts.

In 2017 we were accredited as a Yunus Social Business Company.

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