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In Japan, there are many tablewares with unique characteristics cultivated in each region's food culture.
The customs of choosing, arranging, and enjoying the harmony of the tableware with the food have been rooted deeply as part of daily life.

In addition, each tableware has a wonderful backstory about the craftsman's feelings, culture, and history. It is our belief that by providing our customers the opportunity of cherishing and enjoying one’s favorite tableware, it will make the dining scene in any countries more creative and enriching.

At MUSUBI KILN, it is not our job to simply sell tablewares, but it is our responsibilities to provide our customers the enjoyment of using tableware through telling table setting ideas and hidden stories behind our products.

There is another side of our mission on traditional Japanese table ware, which facing problem of aging population and the declining number of craftsmen. 

In cooperation with the Kutani ware Cooperative and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, we will pass on those wonderful techniques to young craftsmen and make efforts to pass them on to future generations.

Through your purchase from MUSUBI KILN, you are also contributing to the movement of preserving Japanese traditional tableware. Together, we can create a better environment for both craftsmen and users.

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