Slalom Build

In 2001 Slalom reimagined what consulting could be. By truly partnering with companies, working in close rhythm, meeting them where they are – in both location and approach – we disrupted an industry. Now we’re incredibly proud to introduce Slalom Build, Slalom’s brand for builders. We blend design, product engineering, analytics, and automation to create the modern technology products of tomorrow. Our mission is to co-create the future with people who share our courage and desire to explore the possibilities of change. We challenge ourselves to propel ideas forward with higher quality at increased speed. Working together, we help clients imagine greater, and close the space between possibility and built reality. As the Build as a Service originators, we create the software businesses run on, the experiences customers rely on, and the analytics that tie them both together. We’re relentlessly optimistic about the future, because we’re helping build it.

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