Startbahn, Inc.

Startbahn, the leading art tech company in Asia, has developed Startrail, a sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure that assures the reliability, authenticity, and traceability of artworks, including NFTs.

Trusted by respected stakeholders, we issue NFTs for artworks traded on Sotheby's, OpenSea, SBI Art Auction, and Shueisha Manga Art Heritage, and The Artling for artworks from Claude Monet and Ryoji Ikeda, and for leading private collections such as the Taguchi Art Collection.

We do so by providing blockchain infrastructure to empower stakeholders across the entire art market spectrum. Startrail offers a long-term perspective to protect and increase artworks’ value by permanently recording provenance, auction results, and exhibition history, alongside terms and conditions set directly by the artist. Leading from our successes in the fine art ecosystem, we are now expanding SRR issuance to the fashion, sports, and gaming industries.

From Japan to the world, we believe that NFTs provide unparalleled funnels to greater creativity and fairer marketplaces. Our diverse team is made up of engineers, designers, artists, curators, and marketers from over 14 countries.

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