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How I Branded a Small Business

Find out how you can brand small businesses in simple steps.


The process of branding small businesses is in itself a challenging process — involving marketing, design, customer needs, and the like — but a worthwhile one.

These are the steps I took to create the branding for Takochi Takoyaki, a small food shop selling Japanese snacks.

1. Understand the business prospects

It is important to question the  What, Who, and How aspects of the business.

In this case, Takochi Takoyaki is a small food business that sells takoyaki and Japanese-Indonesian fusion snacks, targeted at locals who enjoy Japanese street food. There was no specific age range for the target market since the business owner wanted to cater to all ages.

2. Establish a brand identity

Every business has its own brand identity to cultivate for its customers. Coming up with a brand identity may be challenging since a lot of visual aspects have to be considered to attract customers.

Developing a brand identity starts from exploring the fonts, color palettes, patterns. Using what you explored, you create a logo that fits the image of the brand. Note that a positive brand identity can impact the customers’ buying habits, according to Investopedia.

For Takochi Takoyaki, the business owner wanted a gender-neutral design: the brand needed to be playful and cute, but not too feminine.

Food business logo of Manekineko cat holding a Takoyaki

I chose a Sans font because this font style brings out the youthful look. Since the business owner is a huge fan of cats, I decided to go with a 招き猫 (mane iineko) holding a pack of takoyaki. Mane kineko is an emblem of good luck for business holders.

3. Base the product packaging on the brand identity

I placed katakana letters on the packaging to emulate Japanese design. The red katakana letters in red タコチ (Takochi) show the brand name in Japanese and emphasize a Japanese-influenced design. I also kept the packaging design minimal, inspired by the Japanese minimalist graphic design I encountered when I visited Japan.

Food packaging of Takoyaki

Branding small businesses takes time and effort, but the end result is worth the wait.

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