How to successfully defend design decisions

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Learning how to defend design decisions is a critical skill. It’s not enough just to show what you did, you also have to explain why you did it.

​As designers, we’ve all be confronted with situations in which defending design decisions felt like an impossible task.

​Maybe stakeholders think your designs aren’t intuitive.

​Or maybe they ask you to add something that makes the composition feel unbalanced.

​Learn how to effectively defend design decisions and become a better designer. Clearly communicate or die tryin’!

🐰 About our speakers

​Ludovic and Colton are co-founders of Kickass UX, an education platform dedicated to helping graphic designers transition to UX.

​Previously, Ludovic was Senior UX designer at Smartsheet, where he designed entire products from the ground up and implemented mobile and desktop design systems.

​Colton was also a Senior UX designer at Smartsheet, where he worked across the entire product. In the last few years, he focused on solving some of the most complex solutions for enterprise administration and program management.

​Connect with Kickass UX on LinkedIn and Instagram. Also, check out their website!

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