Interactive Design Workshop with Framer

Join Design Buddies at a hands-on workshop to understand the basics of design and prototyping in Framer. No code needed!

​This event will also feature a fun design challenge and giveaways (Framer Pro)!

🐰About our speakers

Peri Langlois works on branding, copywriting, and product marketing at Framer. With a background in web development, she is very passionate about the world of design.

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Addison Schultz is a Product Specialist at Framer. Addison works with teams across the globe find new and creative ways Framer can help them create better products, faster. Whether it’s through code, design, or prototyping, I’m here to help teach people new digital skills.

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🐰 About Design Buddies

​​​​Design Buddies is an inclusive design community aimed to connect and empower designers by providing free resources, events, mentorship, and more.

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