Isamu Noguchi: Ways of Discovery

Isamu Noguchi_ Ways of Discovery banner photo

Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi was one of the most emblematic visionaries of his time. His abstract sculptures were heavily influenced by the work of Constantin Brancusi – an artist that Noguchi admired since the start of his career – and often made to resonate with nature. 

This exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum takes a comprehensive look at three distinct phases in Noguchi’s six-decade-long career. It features 90 of Noguchi’s works that were created in Japan and abroad, and they can be broadly categorized into three series: the interlocking sculptures, the metal origami, and the emotive stone creations from the later part of his life.

Highlights include the immersive installation of 150 Akari light sculptures and carved stones from the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum, which have never been exhibited in Tokyo before.