Art Director – Amazon


Job Description

The Custom Advertising team (the creative team within Amazon Advertising department) is looking for a talented Art Director who creates and produces large-scale campaigns for advertisers and is passionate to create innovation on Amazon.

The Art Director is responsible to develop concepts and produce output images that meet advertisers demands and works with Account Executives during client proposals to create never been done innovative campaigns on Amazon.

The Art Director will leverage digital experiences (such as digital advertising and campaign landing pages) and various services/assets of Amazon (such as Prime services and shipping boxes) to deliver new customer experiences and comprehensive journeys on Amazon. The Art Director will also effectively utilize internal/external data and discover valuable insights to create creative client proposals.

The Art Director will work with a Creative Director and handle key accounts that are important to the Amazon Advertising business and also partner with Sales, Planning, Design Technologist and other internal teams to further drive our Custom services. Given that the Custom Advertising team is a global team , the Art Director is required to collaborate with peers around the world and contribute in global-scale campaigns whenever necessary. The Art Director will also stay on top of global trends and campaigns and is confident to share their own knowledge / outputs to their peers and clients.


Main Roles & Responsibilities

  • Produce creative plans / proposals for advertiser campaigns (produce creative concept/design ideas, design UX&UI etc.)
  • Execute the above (manage production progress, produce designs, define necessary functions/features to be developed)
  • Collaborate and share their work with Global team

Amazon is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer – Minority / Female / Disability / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation


Basic Qualifications

  • デジタル キャンペーンの実務経験
  • Website 企画制作の実務経験
  • モバイルファーストを意識したUX/UIデザインの実務経験
  • 上記をアピールできるポートフォリオ ★書類選考において必須。ポートフォリオ レビューも面接の過程でおこなっていただきます。企画の背景、インサイト、アイデア、結果などを簡潔にまとめたものをご用意ください★
  • 自ら情報を取得し、社内外のネットワーク構築をおこなっていけるセルフスターター
  • Amazon ならびに eCommerce Marketing のビジネスに深く興味をもっていただける方
  • 広告主宣伝部門・マーケティング部門に対する日本語での適切なコミュニケーションとプレゼンテーション能力
  • Illustrator、Photoshop などのクリエイティブ制作ツールの実務経験 (スピードおよびクオリティ重視)
  • SketchまたはXDを使ってのPrototype制作の実務経験
  • ビジネス英語レベルのコミュニケーションスキル

Preferred Qualifications

  • Motion Design/動画の企画や編集の経験
  • 英語での流暢なコミュニケーションとプレゼンテーション能力
  • 広告賞の受賞歴vertising awards/competitions