Chief Design Officer – Anova


Job Description

We are seeking an experienced, hands-on Chief Design Officer who will be responsible for transforming the user experience, design language, and brand expression across all of Anova’s properties, both digital and physical.


  • Represent design at the top level of the organization
  • Champion the role of design in the end-to-end customer experience: ad content, website and eCommerce experience, email and post-purchase flow, product packaging, product educational materials, app, and on-hardware UX, and industrial design.
  • Establish a design practice as-a-service within Anova and work with key stakeholders across Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Engineering, and Customer Success to implement designs that support a consistent, delightful user experience
  • Spread design by creating a common language and set of practices across the organization
  • Develop design team skills, including capabilities in motion graphics, 3D, video, and interactive web experiences
  • Establish design team processes for design ideation, prototyping, user validation, and measuring the effectiveness and user experience quality for in-market products


  • 10+ years of design experience in either design-led organizations or agencies
  • 8+ years experience in positions of design leadership with a proven track record
  • Experience in 5+ major product (or portfolio) releases
  • Capable of creating comprehensive metrics systems across multiple products, consumer journeys, and teams. Ability to link design and commercial metrics and convey insights to peers.
  • Ability to manage a diverse team consisting of multiple disciplines and spread over various geographies. Ability to forge strong connections between the team and other departments.
  • Demonstrates ability and willingness to develop innovative, exciting solutions to business problems. Possesses passion to challenge the status quo and find new solutions.
  • Is fascinated with how users experience products and services and have a hunger to improve those experiences.
  • Takes a collaborative approach required to understand organizational problems. Believes in a non-hierarchical culture of collaboration, transparency, safety, and trust.
  • Possesses significant personal and professional drive to improve the standing of design internally.

About Anova

Anova is the leading smart kitchen brand with its award-winning connected sous vide device, the Anova Precision® Cooker, and the brand new Anova Precision® Oven. Since its inception, the company’s vision has been to build an Anova Kitchen – a kitchen where devices are user-friendly, connected, and affordable so that everyone can cook like a pro.