Data Engineer, LINK Data – Moneytree


Job Description

Moneytree is looking to bring people, businesses and institutions closer together, find balance and discover new opportunities to grow their personal wealth. As a Data Engineer, you will work with Open Banking APIs and developing robotic process automation (RPA) software, the technology at the heart of our fintech data platform.

If you like hard problems, consider yourself rational, love to impact large numbers of people, are passionate about quality and hate seeing imperfections, we trust you.

We give you freedom and responsibility to do good work while we provide the best tools and empower you to use them well. We are flexible, supportive and meritocratic. We offer a healthy work-life balance, work together to help you grow professionally, and reward your talent and positive attitude.


  • Develop and maintain scripts to aggregate data from diverse sources
  • Optimise systems to increase speed, reduce costs and maintain high data quality
  • Adapt to legacy frameworks and continuously improve them
  • Address security issues and prioritize privacy above all else
  • Stay up-to-date on platform and ecosystem developments
  • Develop automation tools to improve the efficiency of the entire team
  • Take an active role in a self-organized, customer-oriented environment


  • In-depth knowledge of Node.js (JavaScript) and Ruby
  • Experience working with Ruby on Rails applications
  • Experience working with AWS services like Lambda, ECS, StepFunctions
  • Ability to work independently and drive results
  • Enjoy learning as much as teaching through pair programming and internal training
  • Startup mindset, ready to scale our company
  • Comfortable reading Japanese and fluent English

Desirable Skills & Experience

  • Desirable Skills & Experience
  • Experience working with frontend JavaScript (React, Vue) is welcomed
  • Knowledge of general software design patterns and best practices
  • Worked with large scale systems previously
  • Knowledge of consumer-facing banking, credit, and investment products