(DSOC) Backend Engineer – Sansan


Job Description

We seek a knowledgeable and experienced software engineer to work in DSOC’s Nayose Group.

The Nayose Group is responsible for analysis and integration of Sansan’s digitized business card data and other contact data from various sources. Principally, it is responsible for recognizing which data corresponds to which individuals and companies, and effectively integrating them into our proprietary management system.

This process is essential to both of Sansan’s two main businesses; the B2B product Sansan, and the B2C product Eight. Sansan is Japan’s leading business card-based contact management solution for corporations with over 7000 corporate customers, while Eight has over 2.5 million individual users.

With Sansan’s global expansion underway, in order to further improve the efficiency and quality of integration of non-Japanese people and companies, we seek a non-Japanese engineer to join the Nayose Group. The role will involve UI and Web API development, as well as data handling and transactions, in close collaboration with DSOC’s R&D Team and Sansan’s Global Product Group.

We are driven by innovation, and are looking for a passionate and intelligent engineer who will demostrate initiative and ambition, devise new solutions and help drive the project ever forwards. We combine data, technology and operational acumen to generate unrivalled value and quality. We aim to be the best not only in Japan, but the world.

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Development Environment

Language: Ruby 2.6
Famework: Ruby on Rails 5.2
Database: Aurora (MySQL)
Code review: Pull Request
Project management: GitHub
CI/Testing: CircleCI, RSpec
Infrastructure: AWS (incl. EC2, S3, Athena, Redshift, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, ElastiCache, SQS, Lambda), GCP (BigQuery)
Monitoring platforms: Datadog, Opsgenie
Infrastructure management: Terraform
Deployment automation: Capistrano

Required Skills

  • Over 3 years experience in developing web applications that use major MVC frameworks
  • Experience building and operating applications that use cloud services such as Azure, GCP and AWS

Preferred Skills

  • Experience developing and operating large-scale services
  • Experience analyzing large amounts of data, hypothesizing and problem-solving
  • Experience with architectural design
  • Successful project management experience
  • Team building experience in a growing team
  • Experience performance tuning with RDBMS

Required Languages

Conversational Japanese
Business-level English

About Sansan

With the mission of ‘Turning encounters into innovation’, Sansan provides two key business card-based services: the eponymous ‘Sansan’; a contact management solution for corporations, and ‘Eight’; a professional networking solution for individuals. Sansan develops advanced technology to turn its users’ business cards into powerful, shareable, and actionable data.