Fullstack Engineer – Spir


Job Description

Spir is developing the service to achieve its mission of “liberating creativity”.

Currently, we are providing a beta version of a calendar that makes it easy to coordinate schedules with people outside the company, but we believe that in the future, we will be able to evolve business calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook and build a new business calendar platform that will replace them and be used worldwide. We believe that we can build a new business calendar platform that will replace Google Calendar and Outlook.

We are looking for people who are willing to work together to build a service.🙋🏻‍♂️


    • Development of functions to satisfy the needs of various user personas in schedule adjustment.

i.e – Developing functions that make it easier for the inside sales team to coordinate schedules – Develop functions that help people who make others schedules like secretaries.

  • Infrastructure configuration for global deployment.
  • Create infrastructure for data analysis
    • Query creation and batch execution
  • Highly reliable system operation
    • Backend error control
    • API performance monitoring and tuning
    • Write test code.
  • Improve service as user feedback
  • Develop mobile app.
    • Not started yet. Start sometime and we’ll develop it together!

Of course, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. You can pick up tasks from the above list at your own will!


  1. experience in SPA development such as Vue.js/React.
  2. experience in Backend development such as Node.js, RoR, etc.
  3. knowledge of DDD (document driven development).
  4. Experience building systems on AWS/GCP
  5. Understanding of Database.
  6. Have knowledge of UI/UX.

Bonus Points

  1. be able to create a service that will expand globally from the initial stage.
  2. be able to find and introduce problems and improvement ideas to the development team and the company itself.
  3. you can work at your own pace without being affected by business hours.

Tech Stack

  1. Vue.js(TS) / Vuex
  2. Node.js(TS)
  3. Firestore
  4. Firebase Functions
  5. Github
  6. Github Actions
  7. Sentry
  8. Stackdriver
  9. GCP
  10. Figma
  11. Notion

About Spir

Spir is building a calendar platform with the mission to “unleash creativity”. The beta version of their calendar service is out now, and it helps employees coordinate their schedules with people outside of their company. Their next goal is to evolve their calendar offering to the point where it can complete business-focused calendar platforms like Google and Outlook and achieve worldwide adoption.