Intern – Gochiso


Job Description

mamoru is a free online map of sustainability-focused shops and businesses, created and edited by volunteers around the world. Discover new spots and contribute to your local map and community. Your actions and contributions through the app can help shape the future of the planet.

The name comes from a Japanese word meaning “to protect.” When you contribute information and visit and support the listed shops and businesses, you can help protect the environment and society.


We need your help to expand the sustainability map to different areas and help promote sustainability.

About Gochiso

Our mission is to connect and empower people and businesses to protect our planet. Our logo is an interpretation of a Japanese “torii” (gate) found at Japanese shrines. It is inspired by the belief that all-natural things are sacred and have a “kami” (spirit). The logo represents an appreciation of all-natural things and is a reminder for us to protect the natural world.