Japan Social Media Manager – Yolo Group


Job Description

As a Social Media Manager, you will take ownership of our social media channels as well as be our brands’ community manager within the space. We expect the manager to have local knowledge within the various social communities and to be able to plan and implement a strategy to achieve our goals. The manager will be a leader of the vertical and will be able to show his/her leadership qualities by communicating to the relevant stakeholders his/her decision on the strategy being implemented. Your goal is to optimize marketing campaigns and increase followers while continuing to provide an enjoyable experience through social media channels. In order to optimize, post analysis is just as important for you to improve on performances. Our mission is to take our brands’ social media presence in Japan to the moon and we see you the pilot of that journey!


  • Creating and implementing a strategic plan to achieve our KPIs, followers, subscribers, registrants, depositors, and active players;
  • Networking with partners and streamers that can contribute to the brands’ performance;
  • Creating press releases in a timely fashion to ensure our audience is up to date on topical news, including new site features, strategic partnerships, or relevant topics in general.
  • Taking ownership of managing our brands’ social media channels including Twitter, YouTube, Line, Instagram, and TikTok;
  • Preparing promotions, content, and other notifications that are necessary for our social media channels;
  • Researching and launching new channels for platforms our brands haven’t launched on currently;
  • Ensuring smooth communication on the brands’ channels to engage the audience in both professional, but fun way;
  • Following our competitors’ social media channels to ensure our content and promotions remain up-to-date and competitive;
  • Carrying out post-promotion analysis and applying key takeaways to future promotions;
  • Conducting Japanese market research and creating reports that would benefit the collective decision-making for the team.


  • 3+ years of experience with social media management;
  • Excellent verbal and written Business Level Japanese and English;
  • You’re tech-savvy and know how to work with the basics: MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
  • Proactive approach –  you don’t hesitate to search for solutions to the problems and are not afraid to ask questions. You have the courage to express and fulfill your creative ideas for promotions;
  • Super multitasking abilities;
  • Team-player mentality;
  • Independence – you have excellent time and task management abilities and can complete your tasks with speed and accuracy without constant supervision;
  • Experience with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and different video editing tools are beneficial.

About Yolo Group

Yolo Group(旧・Coimgaming Group)は、ゲーミング、フィンテック、ブロックチェーンといった最先端分野において、さらなるイノベーションを追求しております。Yolo Groupにとって、クライアントは世界の中心的存在です。楽しく、迅速で、そして公平な品質とサービスを、全世界の数百万ものユーザーに提供しています。総勢600名を超えるメンバーによって構成されるYolo Groupの企業理念は、“to the moon” の合言葉のもと、全ての成功への熱意によって形成されております。