Part-time UI Designer – Chet


Job Description

We have some funding, an MVP that we launched in mid-February, and we’re looking for a talented UI designer to join our team either on a part-time or full-time bais.


-Designing and maintaining the landing page and platform
-Managing and designing all other design assets for marketing
-Strategize on branding, product messaging, and product positioning


-Experience leading and designing consumer facing products and brands
-Experience taking ideas and leading the design process through to dev-ready mockups

Part-time or Full-time considered
*Note the Salary range is for full-time

About Chet

Chet,, is a platform to bring professional development to the mainstream.

We aim to change the way people approach and think about learning the skills they need for the careers they want. The platform we’re building is one where professionals can create courses in minutes and users can access them for free.