Senior Backend Software Engineer, Team Lead – foodpanda


Job Description

Our team’s goal is to build scalable and customer-delighting integrations & features with key partners in Japan and across the region. You will get an opportunity to understand and work on the overall foodpanda architecture including user, payments, memberships, partnerships, cart, and checkout flows both for our internal users and end customers as well as with our external partners on highly scalable systems. All the work directly contributes to our business revenue streams creating value both for our users, our partners, and foodpanda as a whole.

What’s on the menu

  • Design and implement the platform and features which will be used across Japan for a variety of product lines
  • Manage project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables within autonomous teams
  • Work in a cross-functional and international team to deliver a holistic solution
  • Actively participate in the design and architectural decisions
  • Actively participate in open reviews and sharing with peers (Code reviews, ideas, etc)
  • Be an active partner for Product management in order to provide the best value for stakeholders and our customers
  • Proactively makes suggestions for how the team can leverage new technologies and architectures to improve the platform
  • Good understanding and independent application of cloud environment, CI/CD, testing, and validation
  • Independently applies design patterns and best practices in reliability management (resiliency, autoscaling, monitoring, alerting)

What you can bring to the table

  • Experience in building and maintaining GraphQL APIs
  • Good understanding of building reliable and scalable web applications leveraging microservices architecture
  • Passionate about software development, problem-solving and technical challenges
  • Good knowledge in Design Patterns, Design Principles, Software Architecture, and Testing Methodologies (unit, integration, and functional)
  • Experience localizing global systems to the Japanese market
  • Experience working at the regional and global levels is a must
  • Experience managing a development team
  • Strong language ability in both Japanese and English

Extensive experience with

  • Golang
  • Experience in a general-purpose programming language
  • Experience working with distributed and parallel systems and web applications
  • Design Driven Development.
  • Hexagonal Architecture.
  • S.O.L.I.D principles.
  • Event-driven architecture.
  • Good knowledge of relational & distributed databases (You should be aware of normal forms, ACID, isolation levels, index anatomy & concepts of distributed databases).
  • Knowledge or experience in Microservice architecture, Redis, Elasticsearch, SQL and key-value storage, AMQP, Kubernetes/Docker
  • Understanding development lifecycle and collaborate with cross-functional and international agile teams
  • Practical experience with Design Patterns, Design Principles, Software Architecture and Algorithms, and automated tests (unit, integration, and functional)
  • At least 5 years experience in development and preferably at least 3 years experience in team lead or management role

About foodpanda

foodpanda (small ‘f’) is the world’s favorite way to order food online to your home or office. With thousands of restaurants ready to receive orders via our website and mobile app, no one should have to suffer from the lack of variety or long queues to enjoy great food.

Our parent company, Delivery Hero, is a global leader in the food delivery industry processing over 3 million orders every day and operating in 40+ markets in the world, with 18,000 employees and approximately 500,000+ restaurant partners. In APAC, foodpanda operates in over 150 cities across 12 countries.

We’re changing the way food delivery is viewed and experienced worldwide through the energy of our pink riders and passionate employees across the globe. foodpanda is now launching Japan in a big way and we are looking to hire our first employees for our founding team!